Palworld Nox: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.079 Nox

Palworld Nox Entrance

Palworld releases new Paldeck entry No.79 Nox in Palworld Game: the new Palworld Nox pal is a canine or feline-like creature with red eyes. Nox Palworld is a dark type pal found in multiple places at night time.

Palworld’s new Paldeck entry Nox is now in the game. The release date of Nox in Palworld is April 27 and the same will be updated on the official handle of Palworld Twitter and Pockpari YouTube channel. So officially Nox is in the Palworld game.

Palworld Nox
Palworld Nox

Nox Palworld is a dark-type pal that features a gathering of 1 workability, as per the official Twitter handle and a teaser video on YouTube Nox. “#Paldeck entry No. 079 is Nox, a rare Pal that only comes out at night”. Let’s see more about Nox Palworld.

Palworld Nox

Nox in Palworld is a dark element pal with a Kuudere Partner Skill that can help when fighting together, and apply Dark damage to the player’s attacks. Nox Palworld offers a gathering 1 ability and drops leather and Small Pal Soul.

Palworld Nox location

If you thinking about where to find Nox palworld or where to catch Nox palworld? So the answer is you can find Nox in multiple places at night time. The Nox pal can be found in Forgotten Island, Ice Wind Island, Sea Breeze Archipelago, Windswept Hills, Marsh Island, and Eastern Wild Island.

Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.079 Nox in Palworld

Previously last week palworld brought entries No.077 Palworld Foxcicle and entry No.078 Palworld Suzaku. Now we have the Paldeck entry No.79 Palworld Nox

If you starting playing Palworld or want to know about the new Palworld update release for Steam and Xbox. This is all about this post we hope you like the above information.

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