Foxcicle Palworld: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.077 Foxcicle

Palworld Foxcicle Entrance

Palworld releases the new Paldeck Foxcicle in Palworld. Foxcicle Palworld is a fox-type pal with multiple tails. The Palworld Foxcicle can be found in Frostbound Mountain.

Palworld’s new Paldeck entry is Foxcicle Pal in the game. The new Paldeck entry No.077 for Foxcicle on April 20 Palworld brings Foxcicle Palworl into the game and the same will be confirmed in the official tweet and Youtube video Palworld. Now we have the Foxcicle in Palworld.

Foxcicle Palworld
Palworld Foxcicle

Palworld Foxcicle is a snow-type pal that offers cooling 2 workabilities. As per the official teaser video on YouTube and tweet Foxcicle “#Paldeck entry, No.077 is Foxcicle, a pal who looks up at the sky during an aurora and sings with the most beautiful voice”. Let’s see more about Palworld Foxcicle.

Foxcicle Palworld

Foxcicle in Palworld is a snow element pal with an Aurora Guide Partner Skill that helps While in a team, and increases the attack power of Ice pals. Foxcicle Palworld offers a cooling 2 ability and drops leather and ice organ.

Foxcicle location Palworld

Are you thinking about where to find Foxcicle Palworld or Palworld Foxcicle Palworld? The best place to find Foxcicle in Palworld is Frostbound Mountain. But this Pal may run away from the player upon sight.

Last week Palworld added two new pals in the Palworld. Paldeck Entry No.075 Verdash and No.0.76 Direhowl. The week we see the entry No.077 Foxcicle and No.078 will be released on April 21.

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