Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Applications Event will be live from 28 April

This news for Genshin Impact players, Genshin brings a new Vibro-Crystal Applications event for players that will start on 28 April and end on 9 May. The Genshin Impact Twitter handle is also confirmed and you can find more details on the Hoyolab site.

Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Applications Event
Genshin Impact New Event

The Genshin Impact brings a new update 4.6 to the game which the Player likes and as per the Twitter handle the Vibro-Crystal Applications Event will Vibro-Crystals Connection Challenge. Now let’s see the details of the event.

Vibro-Crystal Applications Event Details

The Vibro-Crystal Applications event starts on April 28 and ends on May 9. The event comes with eligibility criteria. Players who want to take part in this event should be in Adventure Rank 28 or above. Before taking part in the event, complete the Archon Quest “The Fond Farewell”.

Genshin Impact Event Reward

Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Applications Event
Genshin Impact New Event

Genshin Impact Event Details

  • A new challenge will be unlocked each day in the first 6 days of the Vibro-Crystal event.
  • During the “Vibro-Crystal Applications” event, you must split or divide your characters into 2 different parties for the challenge. Before you start combat or fight, you may equip each party with a Vibro-Crystal Harmonics Schema. Combine Transmitter Crystals and Receiver Crystals to obtain different combat buffs.
  • Each Transmitter Crystal can only project its radiation upon one Receiver Crystal, but each Receiver can receive transmissions from 3 Transmitters. Using different Transmitter Crystals to trigger Receivers will increase their effects.
  • During this challenge, you must defeat opponents who constantly emerge to obtain points within the allotted time. Once the challenge ends, the Player will gain different insignias based on the number of points gained.

The Players have so many new things in-game in a few days, the new Geshin 4.6 Update and new events in the Genshin. which builds more interest among players. That is all about this post we hope you find this information helpful and going to take part in the Genshin Event.

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