Orserk Palworld: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.080 Orserk

Orserk Palworld Entrance

Palworld brings new Paldeck entry No.080 Orserk into the Palworld game. The new Orserk Pal appeared like a bipedal dragon with yellowish scythe-like eyebrows and a pair with of electricity wings. Palworld Orserk is a dragon and electricity element pal.

Palworld released a new Paldeck entry in Palworld. The new Paldeck entry is Orserk on April 28 and you find it on the official Instagram, Twitter, and Pockpair YouTube channel teaser video. Palworld Orserk is officially now in the game.

Orserk Palworld
Orserk Palworld

Orserk Palworld is a dragon and Electric element pal that offers Generating Electricity 4, Handiwork 2, and Transporting 3 workability, as per the Twitter post and video on YouTube Orserk. #Paldeck entry No. 080 is Orserk, the symbol of thunder, whose mere presence causes most Pals to flee in fear”. Let’s find out more about Palworld Orserk.

Orserk Palworld

Palworld Orserk is a dragon and an Electric pal with a Ferocious Thunder Dragon that helps while fighting together, Water Pals drop more items when defeated. Palworld Oreserk offers Generating Electricity 4, Handiwork 2, and Transporting 3 abilities and drops Electric Organ.

Orserk Palworld Location

If you thinking about where to find palworld Orserk or where to catch palworld Orserk? you can find Orserk in day and night time. The Orserk pal can be found in No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary. The nature of Oreserk is aggressive towards the player, so trying to attack from afar is suggested.


Palworld last week had two Paldeck entries No.077 Foxcicle and No. 078 Suzaku. Palworld released Paldeck Entry No.079 Palworld Nox and No.080 Palworld Orserk.

That is all about this post we hope you like the information and quick update about the Palworld Paldeck entry. if you want to know more about the Orserk Pal, consider our post from the Kickstart Game site or by clicking on Orserk.

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