Palworld Update for Xbox & Steam: Adjustment, Optimization & Bug Fixes

Palworld Update for Xbox & Steam: Palworld released an Update for the Steam platform and soon release it for Xbox once the update is ready. The official Palworld tweet confirms the update and patch version of the new update. The new Palworld update is released for Steam by the name Steam version v0.2.3.0 and soon be released for Xbox by Xbox version v0.2.3.0.

Palworld Update for Xbox & Steam: Adjustment, Optimization & Bug Fixes
Palworld Update for Xbox & Steam

Palworld Update for Xbox & Steam

Today Palworld released the update for the Steam platform and if you buy the game from Steam you can update the game whereas the Xbox player needs to wait for a while before the update will get ready. we hope the release of the Xbox update will be on April 22 evening as per India time or it will be released on April 23.

If you have seen the past few Palworld Xbox updates you know that Palworld releases updates first for Steam and then for the Xbox platform. we all observe first steam palworld issue will be resolved then Xbox.

Palworld Update

let’s see all the Adjustment, Optimization & Bug Fixes in the Xbox and Steam Platform Update. As per the official tweet, the update brings this all fixed and adjusted.

Patch Notice

  • Steam version v0.2.3.0 has been released.
  • Xbox version v0.2.3.0 will be released as soon as it is ready
Palworld Updates: Xbox & Steam version v0.2.2.0 Major Fixes
Palworld Update for Xbox & Steam

Balance Adjustment

  • The electric egg incubator now has increased hatching speed. Hatches at 1.5 times the normal rate.


  • Optimized the processing load on dedicated servers.

Bug Fixes

  • You can now pet some pals that could not be pets due to a bug that prevented the “pet” option from working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where base pals would sometimes collide with each other on dedicated servers.
  • [Xbox version only] Fixed an issue where the “Option to show/hide Journey” and “Option to change the scale of damage text numbers” were not working.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

The same will be found in the below tweet as well.

We hope this update will not create a new issue like the player faced last time with the egg incubator. If you like playing the Palworld game you will be happy to know the new Paldeck entry No.077 Foxcicle and No.088 Palworld Suzaku. This is all about this post we hope you like the information about Palworld Update for Xbox & Steam update.

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