Palworld Suzaku: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.078 Suzaku

Palworld Suzaku Entrance

Palworld’s new Paldeck entry No.078 is Palworld Suzaku Pal with loosely bird-like looks. Suzaku Palworld is a fire-type pal found in the Dessicated Desert.

Palworld releases a new Paldeck entry Suzaku in the game. The release date of the new Paldeck entry No.078 is April 21 and the same will be confirmed on the official YouTube channel of Pockpari and the official Palworld tweeter handle. So finally the Palworld Suzaku is here.

Palworld Suzaku
Suzaku Palworld

Suzaku Palworld is a fire-type pal that offers to kindle 3 workability. As per the official tweet and YouTube teaser video Suzaku, “#Paldeck entry No.078 is Suzaku. This Pal was once thought to be the harbinger of droughts”. Let’s find out more about Suzaku Palworld.

Palworld Suzaku

Suzaku in Palworld is a fire element pal with a Wings of Flame Partner Skill that Can be ridden as a flying mount. Enhances Fire attacks while mounted. Suzaku in Palworld offers a Kindling 3 ability and drops Flame organ.

Palworld Suzaku Location

If you think about where to find Suzaku Palworld or Suzaku location Palworld? The best place to look and find the Suzaku in palworld is the Dessicated Desert. But this Pal will mostly ignore players as long as it is not attacked.

Previously palworld brought entries No.075 and No.076 this week Palworld brings entry No.077 Palworld Foxcicle and entry No.078 Palworld Suzaku.

If you starting playing Palworld or want to know about the new Palworld update today‘s release version v0.2.3.0 for Steam and Xbox. This is all about this post we hope you like the above information.

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