Palworld Orserk: Where to find Orserk Palworld

Palworld Orserk is one of the best Pal with electricity level 4th, Handiwork level 2, and transporting level 3. The Orserk Palworld pal helps you base, and it is more powerful than the Grizzbolt Palworld. It also comes with a decent amount of bulk and attack stats for fighting. 

Palworld Orserk
Palworld Orserk: How to find Orserk Palworld

Where to find Orserk Palworld

Palworld Orserk is found in the north corner of the Map in No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary. To reach there, you need a flying Pal to cross all the water to reach the Wildlife Sanctuary to find the Orserk in Palworld.

Where does Orserk Spawn in Palworld?

The Orserk Spawn in the Wildlife Sanctuary, Located in North Coner on the Map. Players can catch the Orserk in Palworld; you need a high sphere to catch the Pal player needs to be in the high 40s in the game. Players can catch a few Orserk in Wildlife Sanctuary as it helps in fighting and in base effectiveness like electricity work, handiwork, and transporting.

Palworld Orserk location

Palworld Orserk’s location is No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary in the north corner of the Map. The coordinates are 678 and 643 for Wildlife Sanctuary. Even after reaching and exploring No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, if you are unable to find any of Orserk, then do one thing: make your waypoint in No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary. It helps you to teleport easily, explore the area, and find a few Orserk for your base.

Palworld Orserk Location
Palworld Orserk Location

Once you set the teleport point, you can come when you want, and it will help you help or explore No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary in Palworld.

How to catch Orserk in Palworld

To catch Orserk in Palworld, you need to go to the north corner of the Map, which is Wildlife Sanctuary in Palworld, and wait for Orserk to spawn in-game while you explore the area. As you know, you are in level 40, and the Orserk is also powerful, so you need to have high-level spheres to catch the Orserk in Palworld.

While fighting and catching, keep in mind that you need to use your best Pals to catch the Orserk and, try to maintain distance and use spheres after each attack. It gives you time to think about what next move or Pal you are going to use while fighting with the Orserk.

How to breed Orserk Palworld

Palworld Grizzbolt Location
Palworld Grizzbolt Location

Orserk breeding Palworld needs pals, which you can find easily in your 20s. The two pals are Grizzbolt Pal and Relaxaurus Pal. The location where you find Grizzbolt is in the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located south of the Map, while you find the Relaxaurus Pal in the Twilight Dunes and BamBoo Groves area.

Palworld Relaxaurus Location
Palworld Relaxaurus Location

Once you have both Palworld Grizzbolt and Palworld Relaxaurus, drop both pals in Ranch, give cake and wait for the Orserk Egg to incubate and soon you have the Orserk for your base. Both the parent’s pals that used to breed Orserk are in their high 20s. 

We are sure after following our instructions, you definitely find Orserk for your base. If you like playing Palworld Game, you can also check our post on Pal Condenser Palworld and How to find Grizzbolt in Palworld.

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