Palworld Pure Quartz: Where to Get Pure Quartz in Palworld

Palworld Pure Quartz is an important material when you make or build Circuit boards in Palworld. After making circuit boards, and is going to help in making high-tier assembly lines and electric goods.

Palworld Pure Quartz, Pure Quartz in Palworld
How to get pure quartz in Palworld

In this post, we are going to cover all the topics: where to find pure quartz in Palworld, how to get pure quartz in Palworld, What pure quartz is used for Palworld, Where to Get Pure Quartz in Palworld, and the Palworld Pure Quartz location.

What pure quartz is used for Palworld

The use of Pure Quartz is to help make circuit boards, which are again used in the making of high assemble lines for electric goods.

Where to find pure quartz in Palworld

To find Pure Quartz in Palworld, Pure Quartz will be found in a snow area, so you see the North Ice mountains to find the Pure Quartz. 

How to get pure quartz in Palworld

To get pure quartz, you need to use a cold-resistance Armor or jacket. As Pure Quartz finds in Ice Mountain, the Armor helps to protect the player from snow or cold weather while you exploring the Palworld. Ice Mountain for Pure Quartz.

Palworld Pure Quartz location
pure quartz location

Once you find the Pure Quarz after exploring the mountain area, you need an Axe or Matel pickaxe, which can be made at level 2 with the help of 15 stones, 20 kinds of wood, and 5 ingots.

After making your own Matel pickaxe, you can easily do the mining much faster.

Palworld Pure Quartz location

It is tricky, but once you are telephoto to the mountain and start exploring the mountain, you start finding one or two Palworld Pure Quartz, but you can check these two coordinates. (-256, 392) and (-212, 250). 

Palworld Pure Quartz location
Palworld pure quartz location

We search near these areas, and we find a good number of pure quartz. You can find the image below to find the exact area for Palworld Pure Quartz location.

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