Palworld Update Xbox version v0.1.5.2 has been released to fix the game’s crash

Palworld developer brings one after the other updates to provide a better Palworld gaming experience. The New Palworld Update Xbox version v0.1.5.2 brings two important fixes to the Palworld Game.

The Post of Palworld official X post shows the details and the new Palworld Xbox Update. The main aim of the update is to gain player trust and provide an effective gaming environment in gaming sessions. 

Palworld Update Xbox version v0.1.5.2
Palworld Xbox Update

Palworld Update Xbox Details 

As per the official X post, the patch note for the Xbox version is v0.1.5.2. The update brings the following fixed in Palworld Xbox Game.

  • Fixed an issue where data larger than 16MB would not save correctly
  • Fixed a multiplayer-related bug which caused the game to crash
Palworld Xbox Update
Palworld Xbox Update

After long hours or larger data of more than 16MB can now be saved in Palworld Xbox after this released update. Another fix is bug-fixing for the Xbox game crash issue. The new update brings a fix for Multiplayer-related bugs where the Palworld game crashes.

Palworld Released date

Palworld update Xbox patch notes version v0.1.5.2. It is released as per the Palworld official X post. If you still have any questions related to Palworld Xbox Update, you can check the official X post by Palworld.

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