Palworld Grizzbolt: How to find Grizzbolt in Palworld

Grizzbolt Palworld is the bestPal to keep in your base. It can generate level 3 electricity, lumber level 2, handiwork level 2, and transporting level 2. So no doubt it is useful for base. Palworld Grizzbolt can be breed or found and caught in the Palworld.

Palworld Grizzbolt
How to find Grizzbolt Palworld

Where to find Grizzbolt Palworld

Grizzbolt Palworld can be found in the south of the Map in Pal Sanctuary. To reach there, you need to find the flying Pal to go to Pal Sanctuary to find the GrizzBolt in Palworld.  

Where does Grizzbolt Spawn in Palworld?

The Grizzbolt Spawn in the Pal Sanctuary, which is located south on the Map. Players can find the Grizzbolt in Palworld once they reach level 20 in the game. It is important to get a few Grizzbolts in Palworld as they help generate electricity, lumber work, handiwork, and transporting work. 

Palworld Grizzbolt location

Palworld Grizzbolt Location on the Map is Pal Sanctuary. The coordinates are 91 and -737 for Pal Sanctuary. The Palworld Grizzbolt Spawn in Pal Sanctuary. If you do not find any after reaching this location in Map, you can create a base and leave and go back to your main base and set a waypoint so you can teleport when you want. 

Palworld Grizzbolt Location
Palworld Grizzbolt location

After teleporting to the Pal Sanctuary, explore the place. You can easily find a few Grizzbolts in Palworld.

How to catch Gizzbolt in Palworld

Catching Gizzbolt in Palworld would be easy if you follow our instructions. To catch Gizzbolt, you need to throw multiple spheres to catch the Gizzbolt, but while fighting with Gizzbolt, you need to use your Pal at starting fight time because if you use it at the end, it leads to killing the Gizzbolt. So it’s better to use in starting.

And one more thing to remember while fighting with the Gizzbolt: whenever you are throwing a sphere at the Gizzbolt, try to throw it from the back of it once you feel the health of the Gizzbolt is low.

How to breed a Grizzbolt Palworld

Palworld Mossanda Location
Palworld Mossanda Location

In order to breed a Grizzbolt Palworld, you need Palworld Mossanda and Rayhound Palworld. Mossanda will find in FrostBound Mountains and Verdant Brook. While the Rayhound Palworld is found in the Dessicated Desert.

Palworld Rayhound Location
Palworld Rayhound Location

Once you have Mossanda and FrostBound Pals, you need to drop both pals at the ranch, give some cake and wait for the Grizzbolt egg to incubate and soon Grizzbolt is yours. Both the parent’s pals that used to breed Grizzbolt are in their high 20s. 

We are sure after following our instructions, you definitely find Grizzbolt for your base. If you like playing Palworld Game, you can also check our post on Pal Condenser Palworld and New Paldeck Entry Felbat in Palworld.

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