Felbat Palworld: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.068 FELBAT

Palworld is a multi-player game bringing new updates for Xbox and Steam to fix the bugs and regain the players, which is dropping so quickly. The developer brings new pals or Alpha bosses to make players more interested in the Palworld game. Palworld now Releases new Paldeck Felbat Palworld.

Felbat Palworld
Felbat Palworld

Palworld officials posted a video on YouTube and tweeted on x showing the new Alpha boss. Felbat Palworld. “#Paldeck entry No. 068 is Felbat, A pal that attacks its prey from the darkness and traps it within its cloak-like wings.” The tweet was posted on March 10, 2024.

Felbat Palworld

Felbat in Palworld is a pal that strikes the target in the darkness and captures it between its cloak-like wings. This pal attacks from the shadows. It’s probably best not to know what gets on inside them or why the inner parts of their wings are colored red.

Felbat Location Palworld

Felbat can be found in Sealed Realm of the Abyssal Nights. It would help if you went North of the Azurobe Hill Trave Point, or you can purchase it from the black market in Palworld. 

The release of FELBAT expands Palworld’s broad collection of Pals, each with their powers and qualities. Players are encouraged to explore the world of Palworld and meet these rare characters.

If you like playing Palworld and you are a Steam player then you check the Palworld Steam Chart or if you are an Xbox player you can check the Palworld update 1.5.2.

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