Palworld Steam Offer: Up to 50% off on all Pocketpair games, Including Palworld on Steam

Palworld Steam Offer: Pocketpair is the game publisher that introduced so many games in the market; one of the most famous games among them is Palworld. On 15th March, Pocketpair all games up to 50% off on the Steam Platform. We are going to see all the details of the offers available on the Steam Platform.

Palworld Steam Offer
Palworld Steam Offer Up to 50% off on all Pocketpair games

Pocketpair Games offer on Steam

Palworld Steam Offer: As per the official post on Twitter x of Palworld, the sale name is Steam Spring Sale started today, 15th March, and ends on 21st March (PST). As per X’s post, all Pocketpair games are available up to 50% off on the Steam platform.

Palworld Game offer on Steam India: Palworld Steam Offer

The offer starts on 15th March and ends on 21st March. The Palworld is available at 10% off without any soundtrack; if you want to buy it with a soundtrack, then you get a 15% discount.

If you are interested in only buying in the Soundtrack of Palworld, then it is available at 10%. Let’s talk about the pricing of the Palworld in India after offers.

Palworld Grizzbolt
Palworld Steam Offer

The original price of Palworld in India Steam is Rs.1300 without any soundtrack bundle; if we consider the game and soundtrack bundle, then the price is Rs.1600. Only the price of the soundtrack bundle is Rs.300. Now we see the offer price of the Palworld in Steam.

The offer price after 10% off on Palworld is Rs.1170 without any soundtrack. With the game and soundtrack bundle, the 15% off price is Rs.1367, and the price of only the sound bundle after 10% off is Rs.270.

Palworld Game offer on Steam USA

The Palworld Steam offer is applicable from 15th March to 21st March. The offer brings the same for all countrys. The Palworld Game offer is 10% off without a soundtrack; with the soundtrack, you get 15% off, and only the soundtrack is available at 10% off.

The real pricing of Palworld on Steam is $29.99 (after the offer of $26.99), with a soundtrack bundle after the offer of $5.39 and only a soundtrack after the offer of $30.76.

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