Genius Invokation TCG Event live from 23rd March: Genshin Web Event 

News for Genshin Impact Player: The new Genshin Web Event Genius Invokation TCG will be available from 23rd March to 8th April. This event will be available for 32 or above adventure Ranks only. Players need to follow certain special rules for this event, which also has some eligibility criteria. Let’s delve into the Genius TCG event details.

Genshin Web Event Genius Invokation TCG
Genshin Web Event Genius Invokation TCG Details

Per the Official X tweet, the new “Genius Invokation TCG” Heated Battle Mode: Sprinting Stratagems. 

Genius Invokation TCG Event details

First, start with the Genius Invokation Event duration; the event will start on 23rd March and end on 8th April. This event comes with special rules.

  • During the roll-out Phase, The player can receive 4 Omni Dice and 4 different random Elemental Dice.
  • Switching Character Cards is always a Fast Action.
  • The first Action Card played each Round will cost 2 fewer Elemental Dice.

The main detail of the Genius TCG Event is once the event starts, Players can go to the Invitation Board of The Cat’s Tail to participate in Genius Invokation TCG duels under the special rules of “Heated Battle Mode.” Players can invite teammates or participate in duels via match-making after reaching Player Level 4.

Genius Invokation TCG Event Eligibility

Genshin Web Event Genius Invokation TCG
Genshin Web Event Reward

Players should have 32 or above Adventure Rank and complete the World Quest “Battlefield of Dice, Cats, and Cards.” And also complete Archon Quest Prologue: Act III “Song of the Dragon and Freedom.” In the whole Genius Invokation TCG, you get an event reward. 

There are also other Gensin web events going on in the Game. You can stay updated with the official x handle, or you can check the last Alchemical Ascension Event.

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