Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event live from March 14th: New Genshin Impact Event

The fans of Genshin Impact are waiting for Alchemical Ascension Event. Now, after so many Genshin Impact leaks and teasers finally, the Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event is going live on March 14th.

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event
Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event

As per the tweet of the official Genshin Impact, the new Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event Take Part and Obtain the Event-Exclusive Weapon, Dialogues of the Desert Sages (Polearm).

Time Duration of Alchemical Ascension Event

The Alchemical Event start from March 14th and Ends on April 1st 2024. The Ascension Event is divided into three phases. The first phase is Getting Started on March 14th, the second phase is Gaining Traction on March 16th, and the third phase is from March 18th, which is Red Hot.

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event Rewards

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event
Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event Rewards

Alchemical Ascension Event Eligibility

To take part in the event player level should be 20. 

“And complete Archon Quest Prologue: Act III “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Complete Archon Quest Chapter IV: Act V, “Masquerade of the Guilty” and Eula’s Story Quest “Aphros Delos Chapter: Act I” first to get the best experience from this event”.

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event Details

During the event, you need to gather ingredients, create potions, sell potions, and raise revenue to fuel your business’s expansion. 

In the “Cultivating Ingredients” gameplay, specially processed ingredients can be employed more effectively for creating potions. 

In the “Concocting Potions” gameplay, place your components into the Alchemy Cauldron in a specific order to create potions with unique effects and qualities.

In the “Selling Potions” gameplay, create plans based on market news and sell the most in-demand potions to take advantage of business opportunities and increase profits. 

When you reach a certain level of total shop profits, you can get Dialogues of the Desert Sages, Primogems, Crown of Insight, event-exclusive Weapon Refinement Materials, and other rewards. 

Successfully managing the shop and meeting objectives can earn you rewards such as Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Character Talent Materials, Weapon Ascension Materials, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Mora, and more.

This post helps you know about the Alchemical Ascension Event, and you can find the official tweet of Genshin Impact in the post, so you can also check more if we miss any. 

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