Palworld Polymer: Fix Palworld Polymer not showing up

Palworld Polymer is one of the important materials used for unlocking many technologies and helping in the construction of weapons. Here is a simple guide on how to get Polymer in Palworld.

Palworld Polymer not showing up
Palworld Polymer

How to Get Polymer in Palworld

Before you jump to create a Palworld polymer, you need to complete a few prerequisites

  1. First, build a power generator as the process needs electricity.
  2. Connect the power generator with an electric pal to supply electricity to the factory assembly line.
  3. To make Polymer, you need to unlock the Production Assembly line on level 28.
  4. Once all three steps are set up, you can make polymer by mixing two high-quality pal oils for each unit.

Polymer is an essential material for many other items in Palworld, including technology unlock and weapons like the Circuit Bool, Electric Furnace, Refrigerator, Gris Bolt Minigun, Relaa Surus Missile Launcher, Single Shot Rifle, Assault Rifle, Shotguns (Double Barrel and Pump Action), Rocket Launchers, and Sphere Launchers.

High Quality pal oil Palworld

To gather the high-quality Pal Oil needed for Palworld polymer crafting, follow these steps:

Palworld Polymer not showing up
Palworld Polymer
  1. To get the High Quality Pal Oil head west from your spawn point to reach the transporter near the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon.
  2. Use a flying Pal for quick travel and better visibility of the Pals from the air.
  3. Find the Relaxaurus, which is commonly found in the area. They drop high-quality Pal Oil when defeated.
  4. Additionally, Mammorest in the area also drops high-quality Pal Oil, but they are rarer and tougher to defeat.
  5. Fly in circles around the area, defeating Pals and collecting oil. Allow new Pals to spawn by leaving and returning to the location, rather than killing other Pals to make a place for new ones.

After collecting high-quality Pal Oil and crafting polymer using the production assembly line, you can unlock and craft various items important for progression in Palworld.

Palworld Polymer not showing up

Here are all the different ways that can help you to solve Palworld Polymer not Showing Up.

Palworld Polymer not showing up
Palworld Polymer not showing up
  1. The first important requirement is to reach technology level 33 to unlock the Polymer using Technology Points. You can find it under the “Production Assembly Line 1” menu. Also, make sure you have high-quality Pal Oil, which is required to make polymers.
  2. For High-Quality Pal Oil, you can defeat Pal, which drops High-Quality Pal Oil. The Pals that drop Oils are Mammonrest, Digtoise, Dumud, Mossanda, Kingpaca, Wumpo, and Blazamut. Or You can buy the High-Quailty Pal oil from Wandering Merchants for 300 Gold each.
  3. If the Production Assembly Line is not working properly, try removing and rebuilding it. Go to the Build menu, select Disassembly Mode, and then remove the assembly line. Then, reconstruct it.
  4. To craft Polymer, ensure that you are using the right Production Assembly Line (unlocked at level 32). This bench can make carbon fiber, circuit boards, and polymers. Any manufacturing line requires a Power Generator and an electric Pal, such as Sparkit or Grizzbolt.

FAQs about Palworld Polymer

How is Polymer used for in Palworld?

Polymer is a material used in many technologies, unlocks, and weapons making. It’s important for items like Circuit Bool, Electric Furnaces, Refrigerator, Gris Bolt Minigun, Relaa Surus Missile Launcher, various rifles and shotguns, as well as rocket and sphere launchers.

Where can I find Polymer in Palworld?

Polymers can be made using a production assembly line after collecting high-quality pal oil. You can collect Pal oil by defeating pals or by spending 300 gold on Wandering Merchants.

How do I craft Polymer in Palworld?

To craft Polymer, you’ll need to build a power generator, connect it to an electrical pal for electricity, and then construct the production assembly line. Once these are set up, you can craft Polymer using two high-quality Pal Oil for each unit.

What level do I need to be to craft Polymer in Palworld?

You need to be at least level 33 in Palworld to craft Polymer using the production assembly line.

Are there any alternative methods to obtain Polymer in Palworld?

While making Polymer is the primary approach, it can also be obtained by defeating the Jet Dragon. However, creating it with high-quality Pal Oil tends to be more efficient.

Can I trade or buy Polymer from other Wandering Merchants in Palworld?

Yes, players can trade Polymer in Palworld. You can check in-game markets, and find Wandering Merchants to buy Polymer by spending 300 gold for each.

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