Reindrix Palworld: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.069 Reindrix

Reindrix Palworld: Palworld is gaining more and more interest among players, especially in Asia countries. Palworld game brings updates for Steam and Xbox to fix most of the bugs and make a better experience for Palworld Players. The deveploer brings new pals in the game, recently Paldeck entry No. 68 FELBAT. Now Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.069 Reindrix.

Reindrix Palworld

Palworld officials video on YouTube and tweeted on x showing New Reindrix Palworld. #Paldeck entry No.069 is the Reindrix, which asserts brilliance with its translucent antlers that glimmer at absolute zero.” The tweet was posted on March 16, 2024.

Reindrix Palworld

Its translucent cerulean antlers sparkle in the cold of absolute zero. Anyone who touches them with their bare hands is immediately frozen and cracked into pieces. 

Reindrix is an Ice type of Pal in the game Palworld. Paldeck, entry #069. Reindrix, as an Ice Type Pal, is stronger against Dragon Type Pals but is subject to Fire Type Pals and attacks.

Reindrix Location Palworld

Reindrix can be found in cold areas like Ice Mountain. You can check Astral Mountains’ south part and Frostbound Mountains to capture or defeat the Redindrix in Palworld.

The release of New Reindrix Pals expands Palworld’s broad collection of Pals, each with its powers and unique qualities. Players are encouraged to explore the world of Palworld and meet these rare characters.

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