Palworld Robinquill Terra: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.087, Robinquill Terra

Palworld Robinquill Terra: Palworld released the new Paldeck entry no.087. The new Pal is Robinquill Terra which is a grass and ground type pal. we going to discuss it before that. Palworld shares the posts on the official palworld social handle if you want you can check them as well.

Palworld Robinquill Terra
Palworld Robinquill Terra

As per the Palworld official tweet, the “Paldeck entry No.087 is Robinquill Terra, a Pal that makes its living by hunting in rocky areas and is remarkably similar to humans.” Let’s see more about the Palworld Robinquill Terra.

Palworld Robinquill Terra

Robinquill Terra Palworld is a ground and Grass element pal that offers multiple work abilities like Handiwork 2, Gathering 2, Lumbering 1, Medicine Production 1, and Transporting 2. Robinquill Terra Palworld drops Whaet Seeds and Arrow.

If we talk about the partner skills of Robinquill Terra Palworld it offers Hawk Eye Partner skill that helps in fighting together and allows you to deal more damage to weak points. In terms of looks this pal looks quite similar to Hawlucha Pokemon. Let’s see the Robinquill Terra location.

Robinquill Terra location

After knowing the abilities, drops, and partner skills you think of where to get Robinquill Terra Palworld or How to find Robinquill Terra Palworld. You can find the Robinquill Terra on the Dessicated Desert’s south side. A dessicated Desert located in East North of the map.

last week palworld brought entries No.085 Palworld Mammorest Cryst and Paldeck entry No.086 Palworld Relaxaurus Lux. Now we have the Paldeck entry No.087 Robinquill Terra.

That is all about this post we hope we like the quick update on the new Paldeck entry No.087 and find this update helpful.

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