Palworld Relaxaurus Lux: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.086 Relaxaurus Lux

Palworld Relaxaurus Lux: Palworld brings new Paldeck entry no.086 in the game. The new Paldeck release pal is Relaxaurus Lux. The same details of the release will be available on official Palworld handles.

Palworld Relaxaurus Lux
Palworld Relaxaurus Lux

As per the tweet post of Palworld “Paldeck entry No.086 is Relaxaurus Lux, who didn’t get to shelter fast enough during a storm and got struck by lightning”. Let’s see more about the Relaxaurus Lux.

Palworld Relaxaurus Lux

Relaxaurus Lux Palworld is a Dragon and Electric Element Pal that offers Generating Electricity 3 and Transporting 1 workability. If we look at the Partner skills of Relaxaurus Lux it has Missile Party skills that can rapidly fire a missile launcher while mounted.

Relaxaurus Lux Palworld drops High-quality pal oil, Electric Organ, and Sapphire. In terms of look, Relaxaurus Lux looks quite similar but the difference is that Relaxaurus Lux is electric and yellow in color pal whereas Relaxaurus looks blue and comes with a water element. Now let’s see the Relaxaurus Lux location.

Relaxaurus Lux location

After knowing the abilities, drops, and partner skills you thinking of where to get Relaxaurus Lux Palworld or How to find Relaxaurus Lux Palworld. You can find Palworld Relaxaurus Lux in Bamboo Groves which is located on the East side of Mount Obsidian and the west side of Moonless Shore. So you can get and find Relaxaurus Lux in Bamboo Groves.

last week palworld brought entries No.083 Palworld Dinossom Lux and entry No.084 Eikthyrdeer Terra Palworld. Now we have the Paldeck entry No.085 Palworld Mammorest Cryst and Paldeck entry No.086 Palworld Relaxaurus Lux.

That is all about this post we hope we like the quick update on the new Paldeck entry No.086 and find this update helpful.

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