Palworld Mammorest Cryst: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.085 Mammorest Cryst

Palworld player this news for you, Palworld releases new Paldeck Entry No.085 Mammorest Cryst. Palworld Mammorest Cryst is a new Paldeck entry in the game and you will find it on the official social handle of Palworld.

Palworld Mammorest Cryst 11zon
Palworld Mammorest Cryst

According to the Twitter post, the Palworld Mammorest Cryst is “Paldeck entry No.085 is Mammorest Cryst, a Pal that wears ancient frozen foliage on its body”. Let’s see more about the Mammorest Cryst.

Palworld Mammorest Cryst

Mammorest Cryst in Palworld is an ice element pal that offers multiple workabilities like Lumbering 2, Mining 2, and Cooling if we are talking about Mammorest Cryst pal Partner skill it has an ice crusher skill that Improves the efficiency of cutting trees and mining ores while mounted.

Mammorest Cryst Palworld drops High-Quality Pal Oil, Leather, and Mammorest Meat. The looks of Mammorest Cryst are quite similar to Mammorest but the difference is that Mammorest Cryst is covered with ice and found in ice areas, whereas the Mammorest is covered with leaves. Now let’s see the Mammorest Cryst location.

Palworld Mammorest Cryst location

After knowing my ability and what Mammorest Cryst drop now you thinking where to find Mammorest Cryst or how to get Mammorest Cryst in Palworld? You can find the Mammorest crypt day and night in cold or icy areas. The best place to Mammorest Cryst in Palworld is Astral Mountain.

Palworld shares a video of Mammorest Cryst on YouTube which you can find below.

last week palworld brought entries No.083 Palworld Dinossom Lux and entry No.084 Eikthyrdeer Terra Palworld. Now we have the Paldeck entry No.085 Palworld Mammorest Cryst.

That is all about this post we hope we like the quick update on the new Paldeck entry No.085 and find this update helpful.

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