Destiny 2 Steam Charts skyrocket to 3 lakhs in June 1 week

Steam charts Destiny 2

Steam Chart Destiny 2 skyrocketed in June 1st week with more than 3 lakh player count.

Destiny 2 is one of the famous games Bungie Publisher under the Destiny franchise regained the player count on June 1 week. The Destiny 2 Steam Charts on Tuesday which on 4th June show the skyrocket in player count.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

On June 3rd the Destiny 2 Steam Charts player count was around 1,35,651 and after the update, the game regained more than 3 lakh players. Let’s see more in-depth.

Destiny 2 Steam Charts

Destiny 2 Steam Player count was 1,35,651 on 3rd June after the update the game gained a large number of players and the player count was moved from 1,35,651 to 3,14,634 on June 4th that is 100%. It shows how much players wait for the new update or get bored with the old version and want new things in the game.

The new update brings new hope to the player to get some new things to explore in the game as well as to get more entertained them self.

You can check the steam chart Destiny 2 below in the Image or Also check the Destiny 2 steam charts player count

Destiny 2 Steam Charts 11zon
Destiny 2 Steam Chart

Destiny 2 Steam charts player count

DateDestiny 2 Player Count Steam
28 MayTuesday 1,07,934
29 MayWednesday 1,09,768
30 MayThursday 1,04,952
31 MayFriday 1,05,431
1 JuneSaturday 1,22,020
2 JuneSunday 1,46,596
3 JuneMonday 1,35,651
4 JuneTuesday 3,14,464

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