Palworld Ragnahawk: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.074 Ragnahawk

News for Plaworld players. Palworld brings New Paldeck entry after recent Palworld Update. After the recent update Palworld steam charts show the boost in the Players. The new Update brings new content and fixes so many bugs. But, this post is about the new Paldeck entry No.074 Palworld Ragnahawk.

Palworld Ragnahawk
Palworld Ragnahawk

The official tweet and Pockpair YouTube video show the Paldeck entry No.074. The New Paldeck entry No.074 is Ragnahawk Palworld. Per the Tweet, the Palworld Ragnahawk “#Paldeck entry No.074 is Ragnahawk, which may appear to be a close relative of Beakon but is unrelated.”

Palworld Ragnahawk

Ragnahawk is a fire element pal with a Flame Wing Partner Skill. The Flame Wing will increase the player’s attack and change the player’s damage type to fire while mounting Ragnahawk. The Ragnahawk Pal offers Kindling 3 and Transporting 3, This Pal drops Flame Organ.

Ragnahawk Location Palworld

Ragnahawk is a fire-type pal and can be found in hot places. Ragnahawk Palworld’s Location is Mount Obsidian. Players can follow the heat map in the case of Ragnahawk you find northwest Mount Obsidian to southwest Mount Obsidian will be perfect for finding the Palworld Ragnahawk for your base.

The new Paldeck entry Ragnahawk adds to the collection of Palworld. Previously the Paldeck entry no.073 Cryolinx and now Ragnahawk. Players are encouraged to explore the world of Palworld and meet unique pals in Palworld.

If you play Palworld after the recent big update then you can check the details of the new Palworld update and learn more about Cryolinx Palworld like how to get Cryolinx Palworld, how to breed Cryolinx Palworld, Cryolinx location Palworld, and more.

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