Palworld Cryolinx: How to get Cryolinx Palworld

In this post we see about Palworld Cryolinx, how to get Cryolinx Palworld, how to breed Cryolinx Palworld, Cryolinx location Palworld, and more.

Palworld Cryolinx: How to get Cryolinx Palworld
Cryolinx Palworld

Palworld Cryolinx

Cryolinx in Palworld is an ice-type pal that offers Handiwork level 1, Lumbering level 2, and cooling level 3. The Caryolinx hard claws can easily climb steep mountains. The Cryolinx drops ice organ in Palworld and the main skill of the Cryolinx is to increase the number of items Dragon Pals drop when defeated. Now let’s see how to get Cryolinx Palworld.

How to get Cryolinx Palworld

To get the Cryolinx Palworld you need Fire Pal to defeat or catch the Cryolinx Ice Pal. The ice type is weak against the fire type in Palworld. So we suggest you carry the fire type to get the Cryolinx in Palworld.

Palworld Cryolinx: How to get Cryolinx Palworld
How to get Cryolinx Palworld

By mistake you defeat the Cryolinx Palworld then it drops ice drops but if you defeat the Cryolinx Alpha Boss then you receive Ancient Civilization parts, Ice Organ Prcious claw, and Ring of Ice Resistance+1.

Cryolinx location Palworld

The Cryolinx location Palworld or Palworld Cryolinx location. You can find the Cryolinx in the Astral Mountains easily. So if you already visited the Astral Mountains and set a waypoint or teleport point then it would be easy for you to go to Astral Mountains and explore and catch the Cryolinx Palworld for your base.

Palworld Cryolinx: How to get Cryolinx Palworld
Palworld Cryolinx location

How to find Cryolinx in Palworld

To find the Cryolinx in Palworld you can explore the Astral Mountains in the north of the map. or you can buy it from Black Marketeer by paying a base price of 8440 gold. The buying and selling of black markers depends on the base you have. Let’s talk about how to breed Cryolinx Palworld.

How to breed Cryolinx Palworld

To breed Cryolinx Palworld you need a few pals like Beakon, Suzaku, Shadowbeak, and Blazamut. To breed Palworld Cryolinx. You can check the location of the Beakon, Suzaku, Shadowbeak, and Blazamut.

Palworld BeakonBamboo Groves
Dessicated Desert
Palworld SuzakuDessicated Desert
Palworld BlazamutNo.3 Wildlife Sanctuary
Mount Obsidian
Palworld SuzakuNo.3 Wildlife Sanctuary

Cryolinx Breeding Combos

Check the best Palworld Cryolinx Breeding.

Parent 1Parent 2

We hope this post will help you with the Cryolinx for your base if want to know about the Palworld new update or Palworld News and Palworld steam charts you can check our post.

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