Cryolinx Palworld: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.073 Cryolinx

Palworld a multiplayer game brings news updates recently after the update now released a new Paldeck in the game. The Palworld Updates bring so many fixes and add new content for the Palworld players and it also seems like players like the update. But this post is about the Cryplinx Palworld a new Paldeck entry No.073.

Cryolinx Palworld
Cryolinx Palworld

Palworld’s official YouTube video and x tweets show the new entry of Paldeck Entry No.073 and 074. The Entry No.073 is Cryolinx Palworld while the No. 74 is Ragnahawk. In this post, we going to see about the New Pladeck Entry NO.073. As per the X tweet the Cryolinx Palworld “#Paldeck entry No.78 is Cryolinx, a pal whose hard claws can easily climb steep mountains.” The tweet was posted on April 6, 2024.

Cryolinx Palworld

Cryolinx is an Ice-type pal with a dragon hunt partner skill with hard claws that help climb mountains and offers Handiwork 1, Lumbering 2, and Cooling 3. This pal drops the ice organ when it is defeated.

Palworld Cryolinx Location

Palworld Cryolinx can be found in day and night time. This Pal can be seen in cold areas. The best Cryolinx location in Palworld is the Astral Mountains. Players need to set a teleport point near to explore and get Palworld Cryolinx for their base.

The release of the new Pladeck Cryolinx adds to the Palworld collection of pals, each pal with their unique abilities and qualities. Players are encouraged to explore the world of Palworld and meet unique pals in Palworld.

If you again start playing Palworld after the recent big update then you can check the details of the new Palworld update and learn more about Cryolinx Palworld like how to get Cryolinx Palworld, how to breed Cryolinx Palworld, Cryolinx location Palworld, and more.

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