Palworld Jormuntide: How to breed Jormuntide ignis

Palworld Jormuntide is a water-type Dragon pal that offers watering level 4. Jormuntide drops Pal Fluids, which is good, and Jormuntide helps the player to travel in water easily. The Jormuntide Pal level is 45, and this pal is found in two places on the map. We are going to discuss everything about Jormuntide pal.

Palworld Jormuntide
Palworld Jormuntide

This pal is found on Bamboo Groves’s east side lake, and players can also find the pal on the north side of Eastern Wild Island. So, let’s check how to get Jormuntide Palworld or where to get the Jormuntide Palworld.

How to get Jormuntide Palworld

To get the Jormuntide Pal in Palworld, you need to bring ice and an electric pal to catch or defeat the Jormuntide pal. As it is a water element, Dragon Pal Electric and Ice Pal would be helpful while catching. 

How to find Jormuntide in Palworld

To find the Jormuntide in Palworld, you need to explore the lakes, but you can check these two places: Bamboo Groves’s east side lake and the north side of Eastern Wild Island. Explore to get the pal faster.

Palworld Jormuntide
How to breed Jormuntide ignis

Where does Jormuntide Spawn in Palworld?

The Palworld Jormuntide does not spawn. Players need to hatch Eggs produced by certain Pals, or you can check these two places: Bamboo Groves’s east side lake and the north side of Eastern Wild Island. 

Palworld Jormuntide location 

Jormuntide location in Palworld is in the south lake of Investigator’s Fork. The Player can use this coordinate for a better understanding of -176 and -268. Also, check the north lake of Eastern Wild Island and the coordinates are 351, -85.

Palworld Jormuntide
Palworld Jormuntide location

How to breed Jormuntide ignis 

To breed Jormuntide ignis you need to find first. You can find Jormuntide ignis in no.2 Wildlife Sanctuary. Once you defeat or catch, you can breed with other Jormuntide ignis only.

Jormuntide breeding combos

Parent 1Parent 2
All breeding combos help to get Jormuntide.

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