Palworld Player Count Steam is dropping at an alarming rate: Palworld Steam Chart

Palworld is a multiplayer game that so many players love as it looks like an upgraded version of Pokemon. And no doubt, players like it. As the game gains lots of popularity, the player will try to experience the game, but the Palworld game carries lots of bugs. 

Palworld Player Count Steam, Palworld Steam Chart
Palworlds Steam Chart

Which spoils the gaming experience of the gamers or Palworld players. And slowly, the game starts losing its players on Steam. No doubt, Palworld Game developers are trying to fix the bugs and improve the gaming experience. but it’s going to take a few months. 

Palworld Player Count Steam in March 

We covered the period from March 25 to March 25 in this post. The Palworld Player Count Steam on February 25 is 3,39,873 Players while on March 25 Palworld Player Count Steam is 47,465, Which shows players stopping playing the Palworld Game. If we only consider March month then on March 1 the Player count is 2,54,814.

Palworlds steam chart, palworld player count steam
Palworld Player Count Steam in March

If we see the Palworld Player count steam from 17th March to 24th March. On the 17th the player count is 1,38,585 whereas on the 24th the Palworld Steam chart shows 1,04,943. 

No doubt Palworld developers are trying to fix all the bugs like the previous update brings multiple fixes for the Xbox player, Soon we can expect Update for Steam as well to fix. If you play a game on Xbox you can check our post on Palworld 1.5.2 or you can also check our new post on Petallia Palworld‘s new Paldeck entry.

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