Palworld Lyleen: How to breed Lyleen Palworld

Palworld Lyleen is one of the best pals in Palworld, the Lyleen Palworld is a grass-type pal that offers level 4 planting, Gathering level 2, Medicine Production level 3, and Handiwork level 3. We will cover Lyleen Palworld’s location and how to breed Lyleen in Palworld.

Palworld Lyleen
Palworld Lyleen

As of now how much Lyleen is important for the base as it offers multiple abilities. So let’s talk about Lyleen.

Palworld Lyleen

The Palworld Lyleen is a grass element pal with multiple abilities, the pal looks quite similar to Petallia but the two are not the same the colors are different, and the flowers on the head are also different.

How to Get Lyleen Palworld

To get the Lyleen in Palworld you need to be a bit higher level from 20, then it would be easy to catch or defeat the Lyleen in Palworld, as Lyleen is a grass element pal. It is better to use a fire element pal to catch or defeat. If you defeat Lyleen you get Low Grade Medical Supplies, Beautiful flowers, and an Innovative Technical Manual.

How to Find Lyleen Palworld

Palworld Lyleen
Lyleen Palworld

To Find Lyleen Palworld, You need to go to the Northeast Sanctuary and explore the Sanctuary to find Lyleen for your base. It’s better to set a waypoint to teleport to the Sanctuary to reach easily.

Palworld Lyleen Location

The Palworld Lyleen Location is the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, which will be located northeast of the map. We suggested taking a fire pal with you, as it has an advantage over grass-type pals. If you catch the pal, well and good; if you are unable to catch the pal or kill the pal, then you are going to receive low-grade medical supplies, beautiful flowers, and an innovative technical manual. 

Palworld Orserk Location, Palworld Lyleen Location
Lyleen Palworld Location

How to breed Lyleen Palworld

To breed Lyleen Palworld you need Petallia, To breed Petallia you need Mossanda and Rushoar pal to breed the Petallia in Palworld. Once you have the Petallia you can breed the Lyleen in Palworld.

To breed the Lyleen you need two Petallia or one Mossanda and one Petallia. Once you have kept Mossanda and Petallia in the breeding farm drop some cake in the box and give some time and an egg spawn.

The best way to use Lyleen in Breeding

Parent 1Parent 2Child
MenastingLyleenLyleen Noct
Palworld Breeding Combos

We hope this post helps you find the Palworld Lyleen If you like playing Palworld and want other details like the new Paldeck entry N0.071 or Palworld Pure Quartz Location.

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