Palworld Player Count Steam Charts drop in May Month

Palworld Steam Charts

Palworld Steam charts show the player drop count compared to April month.

Palworld Game gained more popularity in the first two months, but after that players felt or lost interest in the game. Even Palworld tries to bring so many new updates and fixes to the game issue to provide better gameplay to players. After all this Palworld player counts Steam charts show a drop, from May 1 to May 23 almost lost 50% of the player.

Palworld Player Count Steam, Palworld Steam Chart, Palworld PS5
Palworld Player Count Steam

Let’s check more about the Palworld Steam charts or Palworld Player Count Steam.

Palworld Player Count Steam Charts

The steam charts of the Palworld player count on 30 April was 42,927 and at the start of May month which is on 1 May the Palworld Player count steam was 45,125 which shows an increase in player count, but when we see the player count of first 20 days of Palworld. The count drops in steam.

On 1 May, the count was 45,125, and on 20 May the count was 28,082. The player drops almost 17,000 only on Steam we don’t count the Xbox player chart. For a better understanding, you can check the below Palworld Player Count Steam charts for May month.

Palworld Player Count Steam Charts 11zon
Palworld Player Count Steam Charts

Palworld Player Count Steam May Month

DatePalworld Player Count Steam
1 MayWednesday 45,125
2 MayThursday 40,016
3 MayFriday 41,227
4 MaySaturday 44,627
5 MaySunday 44,885
6 MayMonday 36,126
7 MayTuesday 34,124
8 MayWednesday 31,971
9 MayThursday 31,842
10 MayFriday 32,211
11 MaySaturday 37,376
12 MaySunday 35,493
13 MayMonday 28,535
14 MayTuesday 28,673
15 MayWednesday 28,122
16 MayThursday 26,537
17 MayFriday 28,399
18 MaySaturday 33,338
19 MaySunday 32,092
20 MayMonday 28,082
21 MayTuesday 25,440
22 MayWednesday 24,853
23 MayThursday 22,297
24 MayFriday 23,980
25 MaySaturday 27,782
26 MaySunday 27,302
27 MayMonday 23,206
28 MayTuesday 22,726
29 MayWednesday 22,779
30 MayThursday 23,102
31 MayFriday 24,889
Palworld Player Count Steam Charts May

We update the table till 31 May and if you want to want to know more about the April month Palworld Player steam charts you can check the April month post.

If you just started playing the Palworld game or if you play palworld on Xbox then you can check the Palworld New Update Xbox. That is all for this post we hope you will find this information helpful.

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