Palworld Mammorest: How to Kill or Defeat Mammorest Palworld

Palworld Mammorest is a grass element pal in the Palworld game. This pal offers Planting 2, Lumbering 2, and Mining 2 workability and this is one of the best pals in the initial days of the game. Mammorest is a level 38 Alpha boss and can be found in multiple locations in the game. In this post, we going to cover all about Mammorest Palworld.

Palworld Mammorest
Palworld Mammorest

Mammorest Palworld

Mammorest is a grass-type pal in the palworld that offers Planting level 2, Lumbering level 2, and Mining level 2 workability, and if we see what Mammorest drops. It drops High-Quality Pal oil, Leather, and Mammorest Meat. It also offers Gaia Crusher partner skills that help Improve the efficiency of cutting trees and mining ores while mounted.

Palworld Mammorest Weakness

Mammorest looks big and a powerful pal in Palworld but it also has a weakness, as it is a grass element it is weak against the fire pal. So we suggest you carry the fire element or type pal to catch or defeat the Mammorest pal in Palworld. Now let’s see where to find Mammorest in Palworld or how to find Mammorest in Palworld.

Mammorest Location

Palworld Mammorest pal can be found in multiple places in day and night time in Palworld. Mammorest can be found in Astral Mountain Southside, Forgotten Island, Bamboo Groves, Sea Breeze Archipelago’s East two islands, Marsh Island, and Windswept Hills’ west side and east side.

Mammorest Location
Mammorest Location

How to catch Mammorest Palworld

To catch or to get the Mammorest in Palworld you need a fire pal like Blazamut, Suzaku, Faleris, and Blazehowl Noct. These all Pals have the advantage against grass element pals and help you to catch or get the Mammorest in Palworld.

If you think about how to kill or beat Mammorest in Palworld you can use the weakness of the grass-type pals which are fire-type pals and you easily kill and beat the Mammorest pal in Palworld. Now let’s see how to breed Mammorest in Palworld.

How to breed Mammorest Palworld

To breed Mammorest you need to find any one pair of Bellanior and Incineram, Blazamut and Incineram. Put any pair in ranch feed cake and wait for the egg. Once you have the egg keep the egg in the egg incubator and wait to hatch the egg to get the Mammorest for your base.

How to Breed Jormuntide, Palworld breeding
Breed Mammorest Palworld

If you don’t have the following pair of pals to breed Mammorest. You can check the below Breeding combos for Mammorest.

Breeding combos for Mammorest

The mention below pals are best to breed Mammorest for your base.

Parent 1Parent 2
BellaniorIncineram Noct
Bellanior LiberoIncineram
Bellanior LiberoIncineram Noct
Breeding combos for Palworld Mammorest

Mammorest Palworld’s best breeding Combos

Check the best Mammorest Palworld breeding combos below.

Parent 1Parent 2Child
Bellanior LiberoMammorestAstegon
Bellanior MammorestAstegon
WumpoMammorestMammorest Cryst
Mammorest breeding Combos

We hope after reading this you easily find Palworld Mammorest for your base. You can also check if the Astegon.

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