Palworld Dazzi: Where to Find Dazzi Palworld

In the post, we will see about Palworld Dazzi, How to get or where to find Dazzi in Palworld, Palworld Dazzi Spawn, how to breed Dazzi Palworld, Dazzi location Palworld, and more.

Palworld Dazzi 11zon
Palworld Dazzi

Let’s get started with Palworld Dazzi, what kind of ability this pal has, and what type of partner skill this pal has.

Palworld Dazzi

Dazzi in Palworld is an electric element pal that offers Generating Electricity 1, Handiwork 1, and Transporting 1 workability, and it drops the electric organ and Dazzi Cloud. Dazzi Palworld offers Lady of Lightning partner skills that appear near the player. Follows up player attacks with lightning bolts.

How to get Dazzi Palworld

To get the Dazzi in Palworld you need ground pals like Rushoar, Eikthyrdeer Terra, and Anubis. If you have this pal this pal will help you defeat and catch the Dazzi in palworld easily as the electric pals are weak against a ground pal. You can also buy the Dazzi Pal from Black Marketeers and the Pal Merchant after paying a certain amount of gold coins.

How to find Dazzi Palworld

If you don’t want to spend gold coins to buy the Dazzi in Palworld think about how to find Dazzi Palworld or where to find Dazzi Palworld. You can find the Dazzi in the Dessicated Desert which can be located on the north side of the map. In Dessicated Desert you can search the south part of Dessicated Desert to find the pal.

Dazzi Palworld location

Dessicated Desert - Palworld Rayhound Location
Dazzi Palworld location

Dazzi can be found in the Dessicated Desert and can be obtained from Pal Merchant or Black Marketeers in Palworld. If we talk about the Dazzi location in Palworld then you can search coordinates (417, 361) to find the pal easily.

Now let’s see how to breed Dazzi Palworld.

How to breed Dazzi Palworld

To breed Palworld Dazzi you need to find Chikipi and Caprity or Chikipi and Eikthyrdeer. There are so many other combos as well. We hope you have any combo or if you don’t you can check the below table to see locations.

Palworld Pals
Palworld Pals Locations
ChikipiForgotten Island, Ice wind Island, Sea Breeze Archipelago, Windswept hills, Marsh Island, Eastern Wild Island.
CaprityIce wind Island, Astral Mountains, Sea Breeze Archipelago, Windswept hills, Eastern Wild Island.
EikthyrdeerForgotten Island, Ice wind Island, Sea Breeze Archipelago, Windswept hills, Marsh Island, Eastern Wild Island.

Once you have the pair you need to drop both pals at the ranch, give some cake, and wait for the Dazzi egg to incubate and soon Dazzi is yours.

We hope after reading this post you easily find Palworld Dazzi for your base. You can also check if the palworld ps5.

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