Palworld Knocklem: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.094 Knocklem

Palworld releases a new Paldeck entry No.094. After the Palworld summer update Player are waiting for all new pals to catch and take the fight in PVP mode. The New Paldeck entry is also one of the new pals in the game. The Entry No.094 is Palworld Knocklem. The same release information can be found on the official social handles of palworld and Pockpair YouTube channel.

Palworld Knocklem
Palworld Knocklem

According to the Twitter post of Palworld Paldeck entry No.094 is Knocklem, a Pal that can be disassembled into 215 parts, and reassembled back again. Let’s see more about Palworld Knocklem.

Palworld Knocklem

Knocklem Palworld is a ground-type pal that can disassembled into 215 parts and reassembled back again. It offers Gathering 3, Mining 3, and Transporting 4 workability and drops ore. Knocklem Palworld also offers Steel Guardian Mode partner skills that help in a steel resolve to increase Knocklem’s attack and defense.

After knowing the disassembled and reassembled you want to get this pal to try by yourself and thinking of where to get the Knocklem in Palworld or how to find Knocklem Palworld. This pal can’t be found which means Palworld Knocklem has no location on the map to find.

Players need to find certain pals to hatch Eggs and breed the Knocklem in Palworld to see the disassembled into 215 parts and reassembled back again.

last week palworld brought entries No.092 Shroomer Palworld and Pladeck entry No.093 Wixen Noct Palworld. This week Palworld released Pladeck entry No.094 Knocklem Palworld.

That is all about this post we hope we like the quick update on the new Paldeck entry No.094 and find this update helpful.

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