Genshin Impact Spino Doubleblaster Event Start from 2 July

Genshin players check the new event in the Genshin game which is going to start today on 2nd July. The Genshin recently released so many new events in the game and no doubt each of the events is good with interesting rewards. The release of the Spino Doubleblaster event details are available on the official Twitter post and you can find more about the event on the hoyolab site and the same find below.

Genshin Impact Spino Doubleblaster Event
Genshin Impact Spino Doubleblaster Event

As per the tweet the “Spino Doubleblaster” Event: Water Cannon Marksmanship Challenge. Let’s see more about the new Genshin Spino Doubleblaster Event.

Spino Doubleblaster Event

The new Genshin event starts today 2nd July and going to end on the 8th of July. The event comes with Eligibility criteria that players Adventure Rank 20 or above and completes Archon Quest Prologue: Act III “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”. You can find the Spino Doubleblaster rewards below.

Event Rewards

Genshin Impact Spino Doubleblaster Event
Spino Doubleblaster Event Reward

Event details

After the event begins, 2 new stages will be unlocked every day for the first 4 days. There are a total of 8 stages.

After starting the stage, activate the water cannon with a most peculiar appearance and hit the floating targets to complete timed shooting challenges.

When the water cannon fires, it will consume its Energy Reserve. The Energy Reserve is slowly replenished over time, but it can also be restored by hitting EZ-Charge Balls.

In this event, the “Improved Crococannon” is equipped with two different firing modes, and these modes can be used to handle different kinds of Target Ball setups.

Genshin Impact Endless Forms Most Martial Event
Genshin Impact Endless Forms Most Martial Event

That is all about this post we hope you like a quick update on the new Genshin Impact web event. If you think we made any mistake in providing this event details then you can read from the Hoyolab site. You can also read about the Endless Forms Most Martial Event from our site.

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