Palworld Shroomer: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.092 Shroomer

Palworld releases the new Paldeck Entry No.092 in the Palworld game. The New pal is Palworld Shroomer, a grass element pal. The release news was also on the official Palworld social handle and Pockpair channel.

Palworld Shroomer
Palworld Shroomer

The official tweet states, “Paldeck entry No.092 is Shroomer, a Pal whose spores can induce a trance-like state”. Let’s see more about the Shroomer Palworld.

Palworld Shroomer

Shroomer in Palworld is a grass element pal that offers Planting 2, Handiwork 1, Gathering 2, and Lumbering 2 workability and drops Mushroom, and Read Berries. Shroomer Palworld has Swooshy Spores partner skills that help While at a base, its mysterious spores slow the rate at which the SAN value of allies at the base decreases. Let’s see now how to get Palworld Shroomer or where to get Shroomer in Palworld.

Palworld Shroomer Location

After knowing that much about Shroomer’s workability, drop, and partner skills. Now you thinking of where to get the Shroomer or how to get Shroomer in palworld? so the answer is you can find the Shroomer Palworld in the new Sakurajima Island at night time.

last week palworld brought entries No.090 Croajiro Palworld and Paldeck Entry No.091 Palworld Katress Ignis. This week Palworld released Pladeck entry No.092 Shroomer Palworld.

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