Palworld Steam version v0.2.1.0 has been released to fix the eggs that could not be placed

Palworld yesterday brought a huge update for the Palworld Steam version v0.2.0.6. After the release of the update players face issues while placing the eggs in the incubator if they loaded save data from v0.1.5.x or earlier.

Palworld Steam version v0.2.1.0
Palworld patch notesPalworld Steam version v0.2.1.0

Palworld now brings patch note version v0.2.1.0 to resolve the bug and the player can use the eggs incubator.

Palworld Steam version v0.2.1.0

As per the official tweet by Palworld the new Palworld patch notes Steam version v0.2.1.0 is released now. According to the official tweet “Fixed an issue where eggs could not be placed in the egg incubator if you loaded save data from v0.1.5.x or earlier“.

Palworld Update Steam version v0.2.0.6
Palworld Update

This will show how Palworld’s quick response to the gaming experience and towards the gaming experience. we hope the Palworld will bring so many new updates to improve the player’s experience. If you want to know from the official tweet you can check below.

If you find this information helpful and you also like playing games and want to know more about the Steam version v0.2.0.6. or Xbox version v0.2.0.6. you can check our post.

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