Palworld Xbox Update v0.2.1.0 released to fix loading time, egg incubator issue & More

Palworld Xbox Update version v0.2.0.6 was released on April 9, The Xbox Update brings bugs that affect Sava data loading, egg incubator issues, prevented raid boss achievements, and more. The Palworld confirmed the same in a Tweet.

Palworld steam charts, Palworld Xbox Update v0.2.1.0
Palworld Xbox

Palworld developer investigating the issues or bugs which almost took two days to release the new Palworld Xbox Update v0.2.1.0 to fix all the issues and bugs. The Palworld Xbox Patch Notice v0.2.1.0 was released on April 11.

Palworld Xbox Update v0.2.1.0

The Xbox Update v0.2.1.0 Update fixes all mentioned below.

Palworld Steam version v0.2.1.0,
Palworld Xbox
  • Fixed a bug that prevented save data from loading correctly in multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug that caused the egg incubator not to work properly
  • Fixed a bug that prevented raid boss achievements from being unlocked
  • Bug reports and credits can now be accessed in-game
  • Improved loading times on Xbox Series

Notice – Chat has been temporarily disabled due to a bug that prevented data from loading in multiplayer

The same you can find in the official Palworld tweet.

We hope all the Xbox Players now enjoying the game after this update. But we still don’t know when chat will be enabled and we hope again soon Palworld will release a new Update for Xbox to enable the chat, but the patch note will be the same.

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