Palworld Update for Dedicated Server Fix Notice

Palworld updates bring bugs one after other, but Palworld trying to fix them all by releasing Palworld Patch notes. On April 4th Palworld updated Xbox and Steam to add and fix multiple bugs and provide a better experience to player.

Palworld Update for Dedicated Server Fix Notice
Palworld Update for Dedicated Server Fix Notice

Today Palworld’s official tweet from Palworld confirmed the bug issue where eggs could not be placed in the egg incubator and brought Steam version v0.2.1.0 to fix the issue.

Now Palworld is rolling out a new Dedicated Server Fix Notice.

Palworld Dedicated Server Fix Notice

Palworld new tweet confirms the Dedicated Server Fix Notice and deployed a fix for the problem where a timeout occurred when connecting to a dedicated server built in some Windows environments.

Players need to know there is no change to the game version with this new patch. If the player cannot connect, try to update the server to resolve the problem.

Also, Players do not update unaffected servers, only update the affected ones and there are no client updates.

Palworld Steam version v0.2.1.0
Palworld update

Palworld apologizes for the inconvenience in the game and thank you for your understanding. You can also read about the Steam version v0.2.1.0 and the Palworld Update Steam version v0.2.0.6.

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