Palworld Katress Ignis: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.091 Katress Ignis

Palworld releases the new Paldeck Entry No.091 in the Palworld game. The New pal is Palworld Katress Ignis, a dark and fire-type pal. The release news was also on the official Palworld handle and Pockpair channel.

Palworld Katress Ignis
Katress Ignis Palworld

As per the official tweet, “Paldeck entry No.091 is Katress Ignis, a Pal that wields both the light of fire and the shadow of the arcane”. Let’s see more about the Katress Ignis Palworld.

Palworld Katress Ignis

So far we know the Palworld Katress Ignis is a dark and fire element pal as per the fandom site. This pal offers Kindling 2, Handiwork 2, Medicine Production 2, and Transporting 2 workability. Katress Ignis Palworld drops Flame Organ, Katress Hair, and High-Grade Technical Manual, and this pal has Field Guide partner skills that help While fighting together, Grass Pals drop more items when defeated.

Palworld Katress Ignis Location

Now you all want to know how to get Katress Ignis or where to get Katress Ignis in Palworld after knowing this list of workability, drops, and partner skills. The Katress Ignis can get through egg hatching this pal is not spawned in any area on the map.

last week palworld brought entries No.088 Frostallion Noct Palworld and Paldeck entry No.089 Palworld Chillet Ignis. Palworld brings Paldeck Entry No.090 Croajiro Palworld and Paldeck Entry No.091 Palworld Katress Ignis this week.

That is all about this post we hope we like the quick update on the new Paldeck entry No.091 and find this update helpful.

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