Palworld Quivern Botan: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.095 Quivern Botan

Palworld release the new Paldeck entry No.095. The latest entry in the game is Palworld Quivern Botan. The same details you find in the official social media of Palworld and the video on the Pockpair YouTube channel.

Palworld Quivern Botan
Palworld Quivern Botan

As per the Twitter post Paldeck entry No.95 is Quivern Botan. It smells like sunshine and meadows when hugged. Let’s see more about the Palworld Quivern Botan.

Palworld Quivern Botan

Quivern Botan Palworld is the Dragon and grass element type pal that offers Planting 2, Handiwork 1, Gathering 2, Mining 2, Medicine Production 2, and Transporting 3 workability and Drops High quality pal oil, Beautiful Flower, and Red berries. Quivern Botan Palworld also offers Grass Dragons affection partner skills that help in flying mount and Enhance Grass attacks while mounted.

After knowing all the workabilities and drop list, think of how to get Quivern Botan Palworld or where to find Quivern Botan Palworld. Now let’s see Quivern Botan Palworld’s location.

Quivern Botan Location

If you look at overall workabilities, drops, and partner skills Quivern Botan is a good pal that offers many abilities. You can find the Quivern Botan in the day and nighttime games. You can find the Palworld Quivern Botan on the new Sakurajima Island.

last week palworld brought entries No.092 Shroomer Palworld and Pladeck entry No.093 Wixen Noct Palworld. This week Palworld released Pladeck entry No.094 Knocklem Palworld and Pladeck entry No.095 Quivern Botan Palworld.

That is all about this post we hope we like the quick update on the new Paldeck entry No.095 and find this update helpful.

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