Palworld Astegon: How to find Astegon Palworld

Palworld Astegon is a dragon and dark element pal that offers Handiwork 1 and Mining 4 workability. It is one of the best pals for mining and it drops Pal Metal Ingot and Pure Quartz. The Astegon Palworld is a level 38 pal found in two places on the map. We going to see everything about Palworld Astegon.

Palworld Astegon

Astegon Filed Alpha pal can be found inside the Destroyed Mineshaft in Mount Obsidian and Astegon is also found in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary. So, let’s check how to get Astegon Palworld or where to get the Astegon Palworld.

How to get Astegon Palworld

To get Astegon in Palworld you need to have ice pals like Sweepa, Foxcicle, and Frostallion. When you have this pal it helps you to defeat and catch the Astegon easily as the dragon and dark type are weak against the ice type. You also need to carry a legendary sphere to catch the Astegon. To craft or build a legendary sphere you need the blow material.

  • Paldium Fragment – 10
  • Cement – 5
  • Pal Metal Ingot – 5
  • Carbon Fiber – 3

Now let’s see how to find Astegon Palworld or where to find the Astegon Palworld.

How to find Astegon Palworld

If you thinking about where to find Astegon Palworld or how to find Astegon in Palworld? You find the Astegon in Palworld in two places Mount Obsidian and No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary in the Palworld.

In Mount Obsidian you can find Astegon in Destroyed Mineshaft whereas in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, you can check the south edge of the Sanctuary to find it easily.

Astegon Palworld Location

Palworld Orserk Location, No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary
Astegon Palworld Location

Palworld Astegon location is No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary and the location for Filed Alpha boss level 38 is Destroyed Mineshaft in Mount Obsidian. The Astegon Palworld offers Black Ankylosaur partner skills that can help in riding a flying mount. Increases damage dealt to ore while mounted.

How to breed Astegon Palworld

To breed Palworld Astegon you need to find Bellanoria and Elizabee or Bellanoria and Realaxaurus. There are so many other combos as well. We hope you have any combo or if you don’t you can check the below table to see locations.

Palworld Pals
Palworld Pals Locations
Bellanoriaonly obtainable through specific Eggs
ElizabeeMoonless Shore, Verdant Brook
RealaxaurusMoonless Shore

Once you have the pair you need to drop both pals at the ranch, give some cake, and wait for the Astegon egg to incubate and soon Astegon is yours. You can also check the breeding combos for Astegon below

How to Breed Jormuntide
How to breed Astegon Palworld

Breeding combos for Astegon

Find the best breeding combos to get Palworld Astegon for your base.

Parent 1Parent 2
BellanoriaMammorest Cryst
BellanoriaJormuntide Ignis
Breeding combos for Palworld Astegon

Astegon Palworld’s best breeding Combos

Find the best Astegon Palworld breeding combos.

Parent 1Parent 2Child
Bellanoir LiberoAstegonSuzaku
Astegon breeding Combos

We hope after reading this you easily find Palworld Astegon for your base. You can also check if the is Palworld coming to PS5.

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