Palworld Bushi: Where to find Bushi Palworld

Palworld Bushi is a fire-type pal that offers lots of workability like Kindling 2, Gathering 1, Handiwork 1, Lumbering 3, and Transporting 2. This pal will help you in the initial stages of the game and later it will help in breeding other pals as well. The Bushi Palworld pal is level 28 and is found in two places on the map.

Palworld Bushi Where to find Bushi
Palworld Bushi

Bushi can be found on Mount Obsidian Southside and No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary Island. So, let’s check about Bhushi Pal.

Palworld Bushi

Bushi is a fire element pal in the palworld that offers lots of abilities like Kindling 2, Gathering 1, Handiwork 1, Lumbering 3, and Transporting 2. It drops Bone and Ingot. Bushi Pal offers Brandish Blade partner skills that help in attacking the targeted enemies with a powerful Iaigiri. Now let’s see Where to get Bushi Palworld or how to get Bushi Palworld.

Bushi Location

Palworld Bushi can be found or bred in Palworld. This pal can be found in two places in Palworld. The first place you can check is the south side of Mount Obsidian island and the second place you can check is the eastern edge of No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

Palworld Leather, Mount Obsidian
Mount Obsidian Bushi Location

Where to get Bushi Palworld

To get or find the bushi in palworld you need water pals like Fuack, Pengullet, Penking, Teafant, Celaray, Gobfin, and others. If you carry any water pal while searching for bushi it will help you to defeat bushi pal easily. The fire element pal is weak against the water element pal.

Now you thinking about Where to find Bushi Palworld and how to find Bushi Palworld. You find the bhusi in Mount Obsidian and No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary. Now let’s check how to breed Bushi Palworld.

How to breed Bushi Palworld

To breed bushi in palworld you need any one pair among Bellanoir and Tanzee, Bellanoir and Gumoss. Choose any one pair drop them in ranch and feed cake to get egg. Once you have kept it in an egg incubator and waited for some time you get bushi for your base.

If you don’t have the following pair of pals to breed Bushi. You can check the below Breeding combos for Bushi.

Breeding combos for Bushi

Check the below pals to breed Bushi for your base.

Parent 1Parent 2
Bellanior Daedream
BellaniorKelpsea Ignis
Breeding combos for Palworld Bushi

Bushi Palworld’s best breeding Combos

Check the best Bushi Palworld breeding combos below.

Parent 1Parent 2Child
Bellanior LiberoBushiReptyro
Bellanior BushiReptyro
Bushi breeding Combos

We hope after reading this you easily find Palworld Bushi for your base. You can also check if the Mammorest.

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