Palworld 5 Hidden Secrets After Palworld Update

Hidden Secrets which no one is talking about recent Palworld Update. We will tell you 5 Hidden secrets in Palworld after the update.

Palworld Update Steam version v0.2.0.6, Palworld Xbox Update version v0.2.0.6
Palworld 5 Hidden Secrets After Palworld Update

5 Hidden Secrets After Palworld Update

  1. You can now run into Random Pal trainers out in the world. The 1st time we saw this we thought it was a real player walking by once you stopped and talked to them they will challenge you to a battle comments have also been saying that you can steal their Pal along with capturing the trainer as well.
  2. Kelpsea Can Now Drop Pal Fluids when putting them in a Ranch while Kelpsea Ignis drops Flame Organs as well
  3. Crushers have new mechanics that allow you to convert Pal souls. You can use 2 to 1 for a greater soul or 1 to 2 for lesser souls
  4. If you put Dumud in a ranch they now drop high-quality Pal oil making farming Mammorest things of the past.
  5. Vixy Got a Huge update because if you put them in a ranch they can now drop Giga and Hyper Spheres. This is possible once you get Vixy to levels 4 and 5.

We hope you will try all 5 hidden secrets in Palworld and enjoy the game. Recently Palworld released a new Paldeck entry No.076 Direhowl and No.075 Verdash. That is all about this post we hope you like the information in the Post.

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