Genshin Impact Version 5.0 Device Performance Requirements

Genshin player sets your devices for the upcoming Genshin Impact Version 5.0. The upcoming version 5.0 device requirements are shared on the official Genshin Impact Twitter handle and details are available on Hoyolab. You also find the same from below.

Genshin Impact Version 5.0
Genshin Impact Version 5.0 Device Performance Requirements

The Genshin Impact recently brought Version 4.6 into the game with so much cool stuff and now Genshin is planning to bring Version 5.0. Let’s see the device requirement for Genshin Impact Version 5.0.

Genshin Impact Version 5.0 Device Requirements

The details of the Hoyolab show the future Version 5.0 of Genshin Impact, the developers will be upgrading the overall visuals and functions of the game. This upgrade will also mean higher performance requirements. While striving to keep the minimum device requirements for Version 5.0 the same, developers use stricter performance optimization strategies to ensure the stable functioning of the game after the version update.

Devices for which adjustments will be made are as follows:


Models with an A12 processor (or lower)


Models with a Snapdragon 865, Dimensity 1200 (8050), Kirin 9000SL, or Samsung Exynos 1080 processor (or lower)


PlayStation®4 Series (all)

Visual performance will be reduced (compared to the current version) after the Version 5.0 update on the above devices.

E.g.: When playing the game on the devices mentioned above, the resolution of some image details and smaller objects will decrease, the effect range of some special effects will decrease, etc.

genshin impact xbox
why isn’t genshin on Xbox

For more details, Minimum Specifications and Recommended Specifications read from Hoyolab site.

That’s all for this post we hope you like the quick update on the Genshin Impact game. You can also check can you play genshin Impact on Xbox.

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