Genshin Impact Web Event Fragmented Memories is Live

Genshin Impact’s new web event is now Live. Players are happy to know the new Fragmented Memories web event will start on May 7 and end on May 26. The same will be updated on the official Genshin Impact Twitter handle.

Fragmented Memories Web event
Genshin Impact Web Event

The new Genshin Fragmented Memories web event details are mentioned below and the same information is available on the Hoyoverse site.

Fragmented Memories Web Event

As per the Twitter handle of Genshin Impact “Event 1: The limited-time web event “Fragmented Memories” has begun! Participate to get Primogems!” The event will start on May 7 and end on May 26 the rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends. Players claim them in time.


  • Players who reached adventure Rank 10 or above can participate in this event.

Event Rewards

  • Clear the puzzle stages to obtain a total of Primogems ×40.
  • Share the event for the first time to obtain Mora ×20,000.
  • Complete the Recall Rewards mission as an inviter to obtain an extra reward of Primogems ×60.

*After the event ends, you can no longer play the stages or exchange or puzzle pieces, so remember to take part in time.

Gameplay Details

  1. During the event, you can log into Genshin Imact daily, consume Original Resin, complete Domine challenges, and other challenge missions to obtain puzzle pieces.
  2. Puzzle pieces can help you obtain the complete card and enter the next puzzle stage.
  3. During the event, Travelers can use the recall code on the card to invite returnees. After returning Travelers complete the linking on the web page. Travelers who have been linked will receive puzzle pieces as rewards.
  4. When invited Travelers Complete the wen event’s activity missions, the inviter will receive bonus Primogem rewards.

Definition of “Returning Travelers”

  • Reach Adventure Rank 10 or above
  • Players who haven’t logged into Genshin Impact in the last 14 days.
Fragmented Memories Web event
Genshin Impact Web Event


  1. Log into the event using your HoYoverse Account and select your corresponding character in Genshin Impact to take part. This will ensure that your rewards can be sent and claimed correctly.
  2. The event cards are not available after the event ends. Claim them in time.
  3. After completing the puzzle, the in-game rewards will be distributed via in-game mail. The mail will expire after 30 days, so don’t forget to claim the rewards in time.
  4. Only the UID that was first linked to each account can participate in this event.
  5. You can only use your HoYoverse account to invite your friends, if you invite your own HoYoverse accounts, or if you commit any other acts of falsification to game the invitation data, the rewards you have received will be canceled and reclaimed.

Previously we saw Savoring the Breeze web event and now we have the Fragmented Memories web event. You can also check why is genshin impact not on Xbox.

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