Blazamut Palworld: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No.070 Blazamut

Palworld brings one after the other pals in the Palworld to provide a better gaming experience to Palworld players. No doubt Palworld Players are enjoying or exploring Pals in Palworld. After the Reindrix Pal, Palworld now releases New Paldeck Entry No.070 Blazamut.

Blazamut Palworld
Palworld blazamut entrance

The news of the new Paldeck entry No.070 Blazamut is available on the official Palworld YouTube and the official Twitter handle of Palworld. In the tweet, “#Paldeck entry No.070 is Blazamut, which is said to have been born during a volcanic eruption.”

As per YouTube, “There was once a cult that believed that the world was on the back of the giant Blazamut.”

Blazamut Palworld

In a simple world, Blazamut Palworld was born after the Volcanic eruption, and climbing that planet was on the back of the massive Blazamut.

Blazamut Palworld is a level 49, which is quite a powerful pal in the game. It can easily move on lava as it is a mining pal with a level 4 and kindling level 3. 

Blazamut Palworld Location

You can find Blazamut in Mount Obsidian, you can choose any fast travel point to reach the place. To capture the Palworld Blazamut, The level of Blazamut is 49, so you need some strong pals to defeat and capture, as you can’t breed the Blazamut in Palworld.

Palworld blazamut location
Palworld blazamut location

Palworld Blazamut Locations are -431 and 533 in Scorching Mineshaft. One more thing: use strong pals of yours to catch one Blazamut for your base.

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