Maraith Palworld: Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No. 072 Maraith

News for Palworld Player, Palworld releases a new Paldeck entry Maraith Palworld. A week before Palworld releases New Paldeck entry no. 070 and 071 are now releasing Palworld Maraith in the game.

Maraith Palworld
New Paldeck Entry No. 072 Maraith Palworld

Maraith Palworld

Maraith Palworld is a dark type of pal, Maraith Pal offers gathering level 2 and mining level 1 work suitability. This pal is dark type and found in the nighttime only.

When the player tries to capture the pal or by mistake defeats it, it drops Bone and a small Pal soul.

The Maraith Palworld can be found on the north side of the Map, Players can check the area of Astral Mountains at night time to find the Maraith in Palworld. If the player cannot find one you can also buy from the Black Marketeer with a base price of 1570 Gold Coins.

Maraith can also be bred in the game using certain pals like Lifmunk and Celaray, Foxparks Melpaca pal, and many others.

Maraith Palworld location
Maraith Palworld location

In the X tweet of Palworld, the #Paldeck entry No.072 is Maraith, which is attracted to the distinct scent given off by creatures nearing the end of their lives.

Players also find the video on the official Pockpair channel and learn more about the Palworld Releases New Paldeck Entry No. 072 Maraith. You can find the video below.

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