Genshin Impact Fragrant Fantasy Web Event Start from 9 July

Genshin Player this news for you, genshin Impact brings Fragrant Fantasy Web Event. Yesterday we saw a Genshin Ley Line Overflow Event. The same details of the Fragrant Fantasy Web Event are available on the genshin Impact social handle and Hoyoverse site.

Genshin Impact Fragrant Fantasy Web Event
Genshin Impact Fragrant Fantasy Web Event

As per the official tweet Web Event “Fragrant Fantasy” Now Online: Embark on a perfume-making journey with Miss Emilie~ Take part to obtain Primogems and other in-game rewards! Let’s see more about the event.

Fragrant Fantasy Web Event

The Fragrant Fantasy web event will start on 9 July and end on 15 July Rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends. Players need to claim them in time. To take part in the event Players or Travelers who have reached Adventure Rant 10 or above are eligible and can participate in this event.

Event Description

During the Fragrant Fantasy web event, You can log into Genshin Impact daily, consume original Resin, Claim Commission Rewards, and complete other missions to obtain card packs.

Open the card pack at the workbench to obtain any Plant and Omni Cards. Plants and Omni cards can be used to blend perfumes. You can obtain different grades if perfume based on the level of cards used.

After successfully blending perfumes with Furina, Navia, and Signewinne, they will provide different feedback and evaluations based on the perfumes gifted.

You will receive fragrance reports from different compansions for each bottle of perfume gifted. Give out perfume and share your fragrance report to obtain Primogems and other in-game rewards.

Obtain Ingredients

You can obtain card packs through the following methods and open them at the workbench to receive the corresponding Plant or Omni Cards:

  1. Complete the following actions in Genshin Impact and the Fragrant Fantasy web event every day: Log into Genshin Impact every day, consume 40 Original Resin, and complete other missions to receive the corresponding number of plant card packs.
  2. Daily missions refresh at 04:00 (Server Time) each day. Unclaimed plant card packs will also be cleared by then. Please claim and use them in time. Claimed plant card packs will not be cleared.

*If you try to visit the event at around 04:00 (Server Time), which is when the daily missions refresh, you may encounter a brief network error. please refresh the page if you encounter this error.

Make Perfume

  1. You need to place three different plant cards separately when making perfume. These plant cards have mutually exclusive relationships. You can open the Perfume Handbook on the left side of the workbench to read the relevant information on Perfume blending. using different plant cards will result in perfumes with different fragrances and colors.
  2. Two basic plant cards can be merged into an advanced plant card. Three advanced plant cards can be used to make a premium perfume.
  3. You have the opportunity to draw Omni Cards from card packs. Omni Cards can be used to replace any basic or advanced plant cards. Additionally, when you use three Omni Cards to blend perfume, it will automatically create a perfume that you have yet to own.
  4. Failing to blend a perfume does not deduct plant cards and you can try again multiple times.
  5. During the blending process, you can visit the Exchange Shop at any time and use available plant cards that you no longer require to exchange for plant cards of the same level that you need.
  6. Once you have successfully blended a perfume, you can send it to a companion. The corresponding companion will give different feedback based on the perfume you send out

*If you exit in the middle of the blending process, plant cards will not be deducted.

*If you try to blend perfumes at around 04:00 (Server Time), which is when the daily missions refresh, you may encounter a brief network error. Please refresh the page if you encounter this error.

Customize Perfume Packaging

  1. You can create perfume packaging for your companions on the page. Depending on the types of plant cards unlocked, different dyes can be unlocked.
  2. You can use dyes to create your very own perfume packaging.
  3. While designing the perfume packaging, you can clear the dyes you have applied at any time and start over, or undo the last dye application to remake it

Event Rewards

Make a total of 12 bottles of perfume, successfully make 1 premium perfume, send one bottle of perfume to your companion, and share your Fragrance report once to obtain a total of Primogems x120, Mystic Enhancement Ore x8. Hero’s Wit x8, and Mora ×90,000.

*The in-game rewards will be distributed via in-game mail. The mail will expire after 30 days, so don’t forget to claim the rewards in time

*This Fragrant Fantasy web event is provided purely for entertainment. It is not indicative of any related gameplay features in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Ley Line Overflow Event
Genshin Impact Ley Line Overflow Event

That is all about this post we hope you like a quick update on the new Genshin Impact web event. If you think we made any mistake in providing this event details then you can read from the Hoyoverse site. You can also read about the Spino Doubleblaster Event from our site.

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